Thank You–Next! Withdrawing like a Rock Star

Every lawyer knows the signs; most don’t learn the lesson:

  • The client is not getting you the answers you need to move the case forward
  • The “evergreen” deposit (aka retainer) is not as fresh as it should be
  • Invoices to the client for costs are ignored
  • Important deadlines are looming with no continuance or extension in sight

Instead of promptly addressing the signs of cloudy client relations, most lawyers wait until it is too late to withdraw as efficiently and ethically as they should.

Acting at the first sign of stormy weather is one route to a smooth withdrawal. In order to avoid other common perils and pitfalls, read my latest article entitled “You’re Fired!” . . . “No, I quit!” , published in the April, 2019 edition of the Dallas Bar Association’s Headnotes.